people, performance and pay ALIGNMENT FOR BUSINESS GROWTH

  • I have been a Consultant and Advisor for multiple global organizations
  • Writing a book about corporations and people
  • Globally connected
  • B.S. Engineering, MBA and currently working on my second Masters
  • Global Director, managing multi-cultural and geographically dispersed teams
  • I am/have been an invited professor at highly ranked Latin American MBA Programs
  • I have been a Speaker at global conferences
  • I am passionate about Latino Leadership Initiatives.


Israel Lozano
"Pay may be one of the best communication and alignment tools available to Management"
I am a Global HR Leader with proven track record of performance and results. I help transforming organizations through HR processes and technology, with special focus on Total Rewards, enabling growth while improving attraction, retention and engagement. I have extensive experience supporting corporate transformation initiatives, including M&As, and an uncommon blend of deep Functional Total Rewards + HR, Corporate Experience, Entrepreneurship and Business field practice, to translate challenges into pragmatic solutions

International focus
For years I have witnessed many HR efforts lose full potential due to misalignment with the mindset and cultures of today´s diverse and global workforce. I then made it a mission to use my International experience, Total Rewards depth, and well-rounded understanding of the core HR and business processes, to help multicultural organizations expand by aligning people with the business objectives.

What is it that I exactly can do for an organization
I start from the growing strategy, whether organic or through corporate efforts like M&As. I then support cultural integration through HR process alignment, seeking new organizational habits that ease change.

  1. I look into the org structure and evaluate its effectiveness using cloud and other available tools
  2. I help rolling down of the new Org Structure, and ensure maintenance for leaner organizations and headcount control, using HR methodologies for role clarity
  3. Design and roll down pay & performance systems for alignment, engagement and ownership
  4. Harmonize Comp and Ben practices, and integrate with other core HR processes for alignment, synergies and cost management
  5. Implement policy and HR governance & delegations for accountability, shared practices and control
  6. Design and implement ad-hoc incentive programs to retain key skills, and attract new ones
  7. Train line managers, employees and HR teams in new processes (MoC) and competencies (Change Management) during embedding phases, providing clarity
  8. Design and implement global CoEs for scalability, control, and smooth operation and identify opportunities for shared services
  9. Use HR technology (select, develop and implement) for optimal and integrated HR processes, and data informed decision making
  10. Develop and implement talent mobility programs for shared culture, values, D&I

My background includes leading global Total Rewards impacting dozens of countries, Regional HR leader for a technology startup expanding regionally, HR and Total Rewards Senior Consultant for a renowned consultancy leading large multinational projects, creating a consulting unit in a new geography, managing a BU for an international consulting firm, and leading regional sales for a global organization. I have traveled to 30+ countries on business matters.

I am also an invited Professor and international speaker at top Latin American MBA/EMBAs, and other Executive International programs (Perú, France) and events (e.g. invited speaker to the WEF in Cairo). Subjects include international HR, Global Total Rewards, Cultural Integration, and D&I.

A few years ago I founded a consulting initiative that operates as a network of Senior Total Rewards, HR and Strategy Consultants, supported by tools and cloud technologies provided by OMD HR Consulting, an innovation-award winner in Europe. My aim is to provide independent consultants with tools to compete in the hard HR consulting market, while making HR Digital Transformation available to companies of any sort and size.


  1. -
    Global Compensation & Benefits Senior Manager, Bristow Group Inc

    Managing the overall US and International C&B programs, including base salary, long and short-term incentives, executive compensation, insurance programs, brokers, and fringe benefits. Partnering with recruiting leaders for talent attraction and with HR Managers to solve global Compensation issues. Leading annual merit, incentive, and equity programs, preserving internal equity and market competitiveness, while ensuring compliance with federal and state requirements. Benchmarking C&B programs, and offering recommendations as well as educating stakeholders on existing plans to improve the employee experience.

  2. -
    Founder and Managing Partner Americas, OMD Americas

    OMD Americas provides innovative HR Consulting under a network of Regional Consultants and Cloud tools that make HR Digital transformation available to companies of any sort and size. The Managing Partner owns the brand in the Region, and provides the network with training, standards, and technology for outstanding service and delivery

  3. -
    International Director. Total Rewards and Mobility, Kimberly Clark Global Headquarters Dallas

    Leading the overall international Total Rewards and Global Mobility Strategy, providing thought leadership and C&B governance in 30+ countries. Creating these Corporate Functions, moving from dispersed CoEs to an integrated unit with direct reporting lines, career plans, performance measures, aligned practices, integrated vendors, and policies. Partnering with Corporate HR, Global HR Operations and International Business Leaders to deliver Total Rewards solutions

  4. -
    Rewards Mgr. WH and Global Business Functions, British Petroleum Upstream HQ Houston

    Thought leader in the Western Hemisphere (US, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean), consolidating the Total Rewards CoE creation, and strategy deployment. Lead Consultant for the Global Business Functions and interim Manager for IST (Trading & Supply). Partnering with HRBPs, Operations (payroll, benefits, etc.), Recruiting, HR and business leaders to leverage resources, attract the best talent, and retain key employees in a particularly challenging environment. Interim IST Rewards Manager (Integrated Supply and Trading) North America

  5. -
    Reward Manager Andean and Lead Regional Consultant, British Petroleum Andean SPU

    Leading C&B for the Andean Business Unit. Deploying C&B philosophy and strategy in the Region. Leading core processes and initiatives e.g. budget and pay review, performance & calibration, vendor management, benefit campaigns and harmonization, surveys, JD and job evaluations, org structure, etc. Providing Total Rewards consulting to HRBPs and Business Leaders to attract, engage and motivate talent

  6. -
    BU Leader and Senior Management Consultant, HayGroup (Korn-Ferry today)

    Providing strategic Total Rewards, HR and organizational consulting to Latin American Groups and Global Corporations. Leading the creation of the On-Demand BU (sourcing, recruiting, evaluating and developing the team), in partnership with the Regional Leadership. Member of the Regional Management Committee with PNL, sales, and backlog responsibilities

  7. -
    International Consultant and Latam Sales Manager, CSI BankTrade New York

    Complex Systems Inc. (BankTrade) is a pioneer in Trade Finance web-technology. Developing existing and new accounts across global markets. Responsible for sales, marketing and developing the team in Latin America

  8. -
    Regional People (HR) Manager and Consultant, Azurian

    Azurian is a specialized IT consulting company. Upon receiving VC during the start-up phase, Azurian expanded into five countries. The People Manager´s primary challenge was designing and implementing leading HR processes, including Sourcing & Recruitment, Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career paths, Mobility and Welfare (all successfully achieved). Today Azurian is a recognized IT consulting firm in its markets See less

Proudest Accomplishment

Dean´s List Academic Achievement Award. Harvard University. Masters in Management

Education Highlights

  • Masters in Management
    Harvard University
  • Corporate Executive Development Program
  • Executive Development Program
    INALDE Business School
  • Master of Business Administration - MBA
    Externado University
  • Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
    JAVERIANA (Xavier) University


  • International Professor
    Top Ranked Latin American MBA/EMBA Programs
  • International Speaker
  • Advocate of D&I
    Actively Participating in Latin American Executive Development Initiatives

what do I bring to the Table?

  • One
    focus on results under ethical behaviors
  • Two
    Global mindset with US and inT'L experience
  • Three
    mix of business, total rewards and hr experience
  • Four
    hands on but capable to see the big picture
  • Five
    thought leader. coach for sr leaders
  • Six
    successful leader of multicultural/global teams
  • Seven
  • Eight
    adaptability and open mind to new realities
  • Nine
    innovative thinking and entrepreneurial skills
  • Ten
    Family oriented. good sense of humor

Imagine you are PARTNERING with me

1. What is pay?
A powerful communication and transformation tool . But it needs purpose , governance, transparency and clarity that “one-size doesn't fit all."
6. We spend good money on benefits, but employees do not seem to acknowledge it. Why is that?

Benefits become a given if you don't communicate properly. Is this your case? If so, you may not only be losing a real competitiveness factor but also getting a lower return for your benefit invested money. Don't be afraid to remind employees once, twice and three times...

2. What is more important: internal equity or paying with the market?
Both, but remember that “the grass is usually greener on the other side of the fence.” So focus on being fair and competitive, as opposed to only trying to be more competitive than other companies. And don't forget: talented folks typically seek more than just money. Do you offer an attractive value proposition?
7. We offer competitive executive packages including fair salary and bonus, and a very aggressive stock program. Still, in some countries, we find it hard to attract executives. Why?
There could be many reasons besides pay e.g. the company's value proposition, etc. Regarding your comp package, notice that Long Term Incentives such as options and stock are not equally perceived everywhere. For example, if you lived in a country where the future is uncertain/unstable, how much value would you place on stock that you can only cash after three yrs or longer?
3. Do people leave companies because of pay?
Yes but not always. It is easy for those who are unclear why they are really leaving, to blame it on pay. In fact, more people leave due to poor leadership and lack of career opportunities, than they do for pay alone. But be careful: if the money is not ok, employee perception of leaders and the opportunities offered by the company can be biased. In other words, poorly managed pay can be a noise maker.
8. We offer a premium health plan in Country X, but our pulse surveys show that employees appreciate other benefits more. How can this be, considering the high cost of private medicine nowadays?

Benefits are locally driven. Premium plans are more valuable where medical costs for individuals are high, and there is no good option to private insurance. For example, employees would have a different perception where quality health care is government subsidized. The value that employees place on a benefit varies by country.

4. My company spends  X% over base salary in benefits. Is that the right amount?

The right benefit "burden" varies by country. It also depends on the industry, your budget, amongst other variables. Bear in mind that some countries have more/less government-sponsored benefits, as well as mandatory, which also influence your cost.

9. How can the Total Rewards function be perceived beyond only technical, but also managerial?
Total Rewards is part science, part art. Hence, professionals from this area can benefit from grasping the "softer" side of it. This is by no means doing Talent´s work. I talk about taking a different approach that involves, for example:
  1. Speaking a language that the business can understand. It is not about impressing, but conveying the message. This implies deeper understanding of the company's business model and finances
  2. Connecting with people. Sending emails and hosting webinars to promote your initiatives may work well in some cultures, but not in every part of the world. Also, saying "you should be aware because I sent you an email" won´t necessarily help position you properly. Whatever your delivery model is, through HRBPs or C&B directly, make sure to genuinely connect with your clients and give not only instructions and rules, but show the benefits of whatever initiative you are undertaking
  3. Ensure you remain aware that Comp serves multiple stakeholders including shareholders, managers, directors, employees and even the society. Comp does not benefit from taking sides, even if it seems to do good for a specific party
  4. View the Function as a source that feeds key information into the other HR processes, and the business. In other words, Compensation´s main partners are Human Resources generalists, and business leaders
5. We see "weird" and sometimes costly perks outside the US. What should we do?

The concept of "Benefit" is not the same everywhere. For example, certain countries consider allowances and working tools as benefits. You may want to revisit your programs and costs through this lens.
Certainly, some "perks" may look particular. Be careful as some are culturally valuable, even if they defy the logic in your country.
Let me offer a tip on cost savings: just by finding synergies and economies of scale (e.g. pooling vendors, fewer brokers, etc.) you could save a lot of money without compromising benefits that employees value 

10. All this seems clear to HR. Why can't we move the international C&B agenda then?
There is a difference between knowing the path and walking through it. You need truly-international HR and Total Rewards leadership, or else you can be stuck trying to figure out what your global operations need. True international executives are not only those well traveled, but those who are sensitive to cultural differences. Basically those who lived outside under similar conditions to locals. If you do not have this type of resources, make sure that you partner with Consultants with international acumen and experience; this is usually money well invested that returns in the long run.
11. How can I help my organization achieve true transformation?
Assessments, power point presentations, and change tactics may help but are not enough. True transformation occurs when people are not only aware but also convinced, and aligned. This means turning some organizational habits into more productive ones, which can be done by:
  1. Implementing joined HR processes that send unified and clear messages. For example, post merge, the company will need an integrated performance process, harmonized pay structures, consolidated career paths, etc.
  2. Communicate not only "how to do the new processes " (MoC) but also work on values and behaviors that send the message around the way to do things in the new organization (Change Management)
These two efforts together create a synergy that maximizes the opportunities for the company and its people to move in the desired direction 


United States, Latin America and the Caribbean

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