Israel Lozano

Helping people and organizations achieve alignment and growth through Performance and Pay

What do I solve?

Total Pay Deviations
A small pay deviation from the strategic intent can cost the company millions and erode employee engagement. These deviations are less evident but just as dangerous in global corporations, as cultural and economic differences tend to hide many of the pressing issues. By the time the company realizes pay deviations, the economic and climate costs are immense. I help organizations minimize these deviations by creating globally robust processes, policies, and governance that align with the corporate strategy.

Centers of Expertise/Excellence (COEs)
Many global corporations establish central units such as Corporate Total Rewards Functions or Centers of Expertise/Excellence (COEs) to achieve alignment and set growth bases. This is not an easy task, as it often requires to mobilize regional resources without direct control (hierarchy). With my extensive experience supporting corporate transformation initiatives and developing Centers of Expertise in global-multicultural organizations, I can help your organization build bridges between HQs and the Regions, and succeed in this process.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Change Management
M&A due dilligence around Rewards tends to focus on executive pay liabilities and benefit compliance. One aspect that may create long-term liabilities, and is rarely analyzed in depth, is market pay position. For example, the buying company pays at P50 and acquires one that pays at P75. This could represent 10% or more additional costs that the buyer will be adding, sometimes unnecessarily. With my experience managing global pay benchmarks, internal salary analytics, and compensation algorithms, I can help your organization quantify this difference during due diligence, and create a plan to close that gap during integration. My Change Management and MoC experience can also help your corporation to maintain engagement thorugh planned Change Management initiatives.

Global Benefits
Lack of disciplined observation and data analysis of global benefits can lead multinational corporations to considerable waste and redundancy. Just unifying health brokers, a medium-size company can reduce costs by six or seven figures. Since benefits tend to focus on similar objectives globally, imagine the savings your company can achieve with a more panoramic view in search of synergies and economies of scale. This requires someone who understands benefits both at the headquarters and globally. My experience managing benefits in the US and internationally can help your organization realize these savings, without deteriorating the quality of the offer.
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What I believe about Pay

Q1 - What is Pay? - A powerful communication tool
Q2 - Do people leave because of pay - Yes but not most of the times

What I believe about Pay

Q5 - What is more important: internal equity or pay with the market? - Both, but remember that “the grass is usually greener on the other side”

Career Highlights

  • International Director Total Rewards
    Kimberly Clark
  • Business Unit Leader
    Hay Group
  • Senior Manager
    Bristow Group


•Unusual combination of Business, Broad HR & Total Rewards expertise, to deliver applicable solutions
•Global mindset and experience, to overcome cultural challenges and get resul


•Consultative approach, coaching and presentation skills, to seize key issues and foster change
•Deep US and Int'l Comp expertise, to align expectations of Regions and HQs

What I believe about Pay

Q3 - Who leaves due to pay? - Usually, those who don't know why they leave
Q4 - Define alignment - Purpose, Transparency, Governance and "one-size does not fit all"


•Ability to see the big picture and details to balance long & short term
•Successful experience leading multicultural teams
•Able to clearly communicate in English and Spanish

Masters in Management - Harvard
MBA - Exernado
Industrial Engineering - Javeriana
Corporate Executive - SMU Cox
Corporate Direction - INALDE