israel lozano

"access to knowledge is the baSIS of equality"

Israel Lozano
"Information Assimetry" occurs when one party has better or more information than the other during any given transaction. This imbalance is not uncommon in the corporate world, where HR tends to have more information than employees about their Career and Compensation.

Employees who want to succeed need more education on what matters to their careers. Unfortunately, the internet, magazines, and most available info channels are way too theoretical and hardly appealing to the non-HR person.

This blog intends to bridge that knowledge gap, focusing on critical aspects that HR professionals know yet are hardly available to regular employees. I will post insights and tools around career, pay, equity, and related, viewed through the lens that every individual has the ability to control her/his own career. I also believe that a broader comprehension of these critical HR matters can generate positive alignment between employees and employers, contributing to wealth and prosperity for all.