Aligning people, strategy and Pay

  • I have been a Consultant and Advisor for multiple global organizations
  • Writing a book about corporations and people
  • Globally connected
  • B.S. Engineering, MBA and currently working on my second Masters
  • Global Director, managing multi-cultural and geographically dispersed teams
  • I am/have been an invited professor at highly ranked Latin American MBA Programs
  • I have been a Speaker at global conferences
  • I am passionate about Latino Leadership Initiatives.


Israel Lozano
"Pay may be one of the best communication and alignment tools available to Management"
I am a bilingual, international HR Corporate Executive and Consultant who has dedicated most of his career to align people and strategy through Pay.

For years I witnessed how global remuneration efforts lose full potential due to misalignment with the cultures and mindset of a more diverse and global workforce. I made it a mission to use my International experience and Total Rewards knowledge & skills, and help multicultural organizations align people and pay with the business direction.
Examples of what I can design, implement and lead on a global scale include:

  • Pay & performance systems for engagement and ownership
  • Pay policy and delegations for governance and control
  • Ad-hoc comp plans to attract and retain unique skills
  • C&B harmonization for synergies and cost
  • Global CoEs for scalability, control, and smooth operation
  • Talent mobility programs for shared culture, values, D&I

My background includes leading global C&B functions in HQs, managing a BU in an international consulting firm, HR for a technology firm, sales for a global organization. I have traveled to 30+ countries on business. Some additional activities include: invited Professor at top Latin American MBA/EMBA and Executive programs, International Speaker

I currently own a consulting business that operates as a network of Senior multi-discipline HR Consultants, supported by a set of tools and cloud technologies provided by a European firm who serves renowned corporations.

Experience Highlights

  • Managing Partner/President
  • Director International Compensation and Benefits
    Kimberly Clark Global Headquarters
  • E&P Rewards Manager Western Hemisphere - Americas
    BP Americas
  • E&P Rewards Consultant Western Hemisphere - Americas
    BP Americas
  • Regional Rewards Manager - Andean Business Unit
    BP Andean
  • International Consultant and Latin America Sales Manager
    CSI BankTrade New York
  • Business Unit Manager and Senior Consultant

Education Highlights

  • Master of Management. Candidate
    Harvard University
  • Corporate Development Program
  • Executive Development Program
    INALDE Business School
  • Master of Business Administration - MBA
    Externado University
  • Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
    JAVERIANA (Xavier) University


  • International Professor
    Top Ranked Latin American MBA/EMBA Programs
  • International Speaker
  • Advocate of D&I
    Actively Participating in Latin American Executive Development Initiatives

what do I bring to the Table?

  • One
    focus on results - always under ethical behaviors
  • Two
    Global mindset and experience
  • Three
    mix of business acumen and rewards expertise
  • Four
  • Five
    US and International  Total rewards expertise
  • Six
    successful experience leading multicultural teams
  • Seven
  • Eight
    adaptability and open mind to new realities
  • Nine
    innovative thinking and entrepreneurial skills
  • Ten
    Family orientation and a good sense of humor


  • global total rewards
  • International Consulting
  • global coes and c&b processes
  • US Comp
  • Performance Management
  • major sales account strategy
  • Int'l Mobility
  • gral hr process design & impl
  • training and develp
  • multicultural understanding

A Short Interview

What is Pay?
A powerful communication and alignment tool
Do people leave companies because of pay?
Yes but not always. In fact, more people leave due to poor leadership and lack of career opportunities, than they do for pay alone. But be careful: if the money is not ok, employee perception of leaders and the opportunities offered by the company can be biased. In other words, poorly managed pay can be a noise maker.
Who leaves because of pay?
Usually, those who are unclear why they are really leaving the company.
What is alignment?
Purpose, Transparency, Governance and “one-size doesn't fit all."
What is more important: internal equity or paying with the market?
Both, but remember that “the grass is usually greener on the other side of the fence.”
My company spends  X% over base salary in benefits. Is that the right amount?

The right benefit "burden" varies by country. It also depends on the industry, your budget, among other variables. Bear in mind that some countries have more/less government-sponsored benefits, as well as mandatory, which also influence your cost.

We spend a lot on benefits, but employees do not seem to be aware of that. Why?

Benefits become a given if you don't remind them. Is this your case? If so, you may not only be losing a real competitiveness factor but also getting a lower return for your benefit invested money. Don't be afraid to remind employees once, twice and three times...

We offer a premium health plan in Country X, but our pulse surveys show that employees appreciate other benefits more. How can this be, considering the high cost of private medicine nowadays?

Benefits are locally driven. Premium plans are more valuable where medical costs for individuals are high, and there is no good option to private insurance. For example, employees would have a different perception where quality health care is government subsidized. The value that employees place on a benefit varies by country.

We offer competitive executive packages including fair salary and bonus, and a very aggressive stock program. Still, in some countries, we find it hard to attract executives. Why?
There could be many reasons besides pay e.g. the company's value proposition, etc. Regarding your comp package, notice that Long Term Incentives such as options and stock are not equally perceived everywhere. For example, if you lived in a country where the future is uncertain/unstable, how much value would you place on stock that you can only cash after three yrs or longer?
It seems that we spend too much in benefits in our regional branches; we also see some "weird" perks in some countries. What should we do?

The concept of "Benefit" is not the same everywhere. For example, certain countries include allowances and some working tools. You may want to revisit how you are estimating your costs through this lens. 
On the other hand, certain perks could indeed seem particular; be careful as these may not imply much cost or effort, but conversely they can be culturally valuable. 
Let me offer a tip on cost savings: just by finding synergies and economies of scale (e.g. pooling vendors, fewer brokers, etc.) you could save a lot of money without compromising your offer. 

All the above is clear to HR. Why can't we move the international C&B agenda then?
There is a difference between knowing the path and walking through it. You need truly-international HR and Total Rewards leadership or else you can be stuck trying to figure out your global operations. If you do not have this type of resources, make sure that you partner with Consultants with international acumen and experience; this is usually money well invested that returns in the mid and long run.

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United States, Latin America and the Caribbean

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